The musical and creative spontaneity of contemporary hip hop and trap in Javi Tha Killa’s soundscape is a cultural tribute to music’s endless proximities.

Javi tha killaThe cultural and musical mixture between the verses of hip hop and trap now has a new musician in its journey of creative evolution. Upcoming artist Javi Tha Killa is putting together a contemporary soundscape of musical coordinates that outline the creative energies of hip hop and trap through a mystifying arrangement. As an independent artist, he enjoys the luxury of giving entity of his own wisdom and musical insights that are laid in intense lyrical formatting. His use of hip hop, trap, and reggaeton streams is unique and shows the potential of an evolving genre that is set to take over the scope of music in the days to come. His ability to own experimental and risky arrangements and presenting them through a seamless course of songs proves his fearlessness like no other.

Pablo Cabrera has delivered his sense of musical understanding in tracks like ‘ESOMATA SONG_master’, ‘BEBE MIX’, ‘mirala mix’, and ‘dolche mix’ among many others. His musical curve is endless as it constantly exposes itself to new inspirations and influences. Personally, some of his biggest musical impacts came from the works of artists like Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and Tego. His lyricism is outgoing and explicit that allows them to form a transparent connection with his audience.

Artist Javi Tha Killa has established an improvised variation of the hip hop and trap symbiosis that significantly contributes to its cultural growth. His stage name is also a metaphor for his musical concepts and themes. The versatility of his soundscape also makes it ideal in a club setting where it allows his audiences to find the common space of creative respite and honesty after a hard day’s work. He has many new projects up his sleeves for release that will further enlarge his scope as a harbinger of new creative definitions. Follow his exquisite take on musical unconventionality on Soundcloud.

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