Coq Freisenberger

New concepts in electronic genres are yielded by the terrific musician Coq Freisenberger with his latest instrumentals that have slain the audience. The exuberant tunes of the instrumentals Coffee In the Morning’, ‘Tinker Tailor’, ‘Bird Song’, and ‘Big Foot’ has amplified the EDM quotient. It is an exquisite show laid out by the California multimedia artist who has managed to carve out a niche for himself. He happens to be the owner of an up to the minute production house called ‘Andrade’ that has got state of the art facilities. He considers himself to be a sculptor of sounds and it is true by every stretch of the imagination as we can witness the sheer class of the person. One can catch a glimpse of the interesting posts made by the musician on his Facebook wall.

The prodigious musician Coq Freisenberger has etched out sheer brilliance in the stunning instrumental ‘Coffee In the Morning’. The ambiance is lit up with the classic tunes of the mesmerizing instrumental ‘Tinker Tailor’. In ‘Bird Song’ there is a stylish progression with classic rhythms of electronic sounds etched out with ease. The ravishing instrumental ‘Big Foot’ has a natural tempo with hypnotic sounds that makes for some flabbergasting stuff. One can engage in a fruitful discussion with the singer by plugging on to his Twitter.

The various effects and sounds in the different instrumentals by the musician par excellence Coq Freisenberger speaks volumes about his versatility. The fizzing melody along with the sound of trance makes for a stunning appeal. The dream-like beat is a hit in all the major mainstream airplay. The best works by the musician can be heard on popular music streaming sites like Soundcloud. To watch out for the music videos one can log on major trending platforms like YouTube.


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