The Virginian Rnb Soul artist Akira Walters steps foot into the global R&B scene with a banging performance in her most popular soundtrack ‘Confused’.

Spreading its blissful vibes through a condescending tonal grandeur, the R&B genre has proved its relevance establishing resonating impact on the hearts of the audience throughout decades. Redefining the golden age of R&B, eminent musician Akira Walters has been spreading her vibrant positivity across the world through her charismatic compositions flaunting her captivating singing. Her latest single Confused’ is a dynamic representation of her astonishing vocal capabilities interlaced with the heart-pounding melodic resonance that creates an ambiance of absolute tonal perfection. The soulful melody of the track is achieved through creative progressive arrangement and chord structures that reveal her ingenious creativity.

Akira Walters

Inspired by musicians like Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Jazmine Sullivan, the young 22-year-old singer has imbibed their thematic influences under her unique resonating umbrella offering an experience of her thoughts and feelings. Being well-versed in lyrical wordplay the prolific musician always tries to offer an authentic dose of the real R&B with a hint of her own inimitable flavor. The picturesque lyrical illustration expresses her strong grasp over the narration of the delightful subject matter with a creative view. Building a thematic bridge between the fans and herself, The Virginian R&b Soul artist is determined to empower the listeners with her encouraging message.

Mixing and merging different instrumental and acoustic elements from various genres, the brave and talented musician Akira Walters brings in her unparalleled exotic aroma in her finest number ‘Confused’. Bathed in glorious instrumental riffs, the track exudes a breathtaking melody that serves as the perfect backdrop for her robust and enchanting singing. The sassy lyrics break free of the conventional norms reflecting a dash of confidence. Her other songs ‘666 Love’, ‘Brand New’, ‘Whats that about?’, and ‘Sweeter’ generate euphoric rhythmic vibe conveying her visionary creativeness to the world. Follow her on SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram and look out for her next projects.

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