The repertoire of Ellehearted are filled with refreshing sounds of pop resonating in the latest numbers

Charity Work

Ellehearted has impressively crafted an incredible vocal that set her apart from contemporary musicians. The luscious pop beats in her tracks are brilliant.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- London, Aug 14, 2020 ( – The independent pop singer based out of London, Ellehearted has struck a fantastic chord with the audience. She has belted out vivacious numbers like Charity Work’, ‘Speechless (Hold Still), and ‘Crossed Wires‘ with sassy beats of pop. The singer has got a timeless voice and she has attributed that to her prolonged experience of catharsis. The dream-pop genre dished out by her has some new age sounds that are coupled with classic themes. She has narrated her own story through her songs most elegantly with a lot of panache.

Ellehearted has injected a lot of passion and color in the track Charity Work’. The number ‘Speechless (Hold Still) has a relatable lyric and captivating melody. In the track ‘Crossed Wires’ has highlighted the changing moments with a mild switch in melody. Her relationship with various men has surfaced in the songs time and again as feelings of broken love affairs. The men in her life have been her biggest inspiration but the greatest of them all is God. One can fetch a lot of information by logging on to the Instagram handle of the singer and get a sneak peek of her latest shared posts.

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The eclectic numbers by the talented singer have got endearing moments that have got contemporary vibes. The absorbing rhythms make for a stunning appeal. She has been writing various songs relentlessly and the continuous feeling of inspiration keeps her going to come up with something new. The audiences can log on to popular music streaming apps like Spotify to listen to her catchy numbers. 

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Charity Work:

Speechless(Hold Still):

Crossed Wires:

SpeechlessHold StillCrossed Wires

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