Chemical Engineer, Hong Wai Onn, launches the first book that has come out with stories from the palm oil mills

A Chemical Engineer in the Palm Oil Milling Industry

The book hits #1 New Release on Amazon

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Kuala Lumpur, Aug 18, 2020 ( – Possessing a degree in chemical engineering may lead a graduate to think that there are narrow career options. Not so, says Hong Wai Onn in his memoir “A Chemical Engineer in the Palm Oil Milling Industry”. The impetus for leveraging his degree began with an internship while completing his studies at university. He soon discovered that much of what made a good chemical engineer, including changing raw materials into useful products, easily transferred into a job that would bring success in a rapidly growing, globally important industry. His innate passion for learning intensified as he learned more about the universality of palm oil, and as he embarked on the speaking circuit, he eventually crafted this memoir.

No prior study of chemical engineering or palm oil is needed to thoroughly enjoy this book. Hong Wai Onn writes in a completely accessible style. This is the perfect read for a chemical engineer seeking a way to apply that knowledge, but at the same time, it’s a fine read for any voracious reader who loves exploring diverse topics.

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“A Chemical Engineer in the Palm Oil Milling Industry” is a #1 New Release on Amazon in several different categories. The book has also received Literary Titan Gold Award and Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review

Hong Wai Onn is a chemical engineer by training and profession. He is a passionate advocate who believes in harnessing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to advance development of the palm oil processing industry by ensuring greater participation by young people. You can learn more about Hong Wai Onn and “A Chemical Engineer in the Palm Oil Milling Industry” at If you’d like to schedule an interview with Hong Wai Onn, please email him.

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Hong Wai Onn
Hong Wai Onn is a chemical engineer by training and profession. He is the current Honorary Secretary of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) in Malaysia Board and Chair of IChemE Palm Oil Processing Special Interest Group. He sits on the Industry Advisory Panel for Chemical Engineering at few public and private universities. He is a public speaker at seminars, conferences and panel discussions.

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