Contemporary hip hop and RnB gets fused to fascinate the audiences through the tracks of Aurthor Ant

Call Me by Aurthor Ant

Great vocals, flawless production, and stunning use of rhythms – the tracks of Aurthor Ant portray all these musical fragments to the audiences in a majestic way.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Houston, Aug 31, 2020 ( – The renowned artist Aurthor Ant is a master of offering artistic outpourings and rhythmic greatness, and the superb production of his tracks have always managed to earn the compliments of the audiences. ‘Let’s Walk the Beach’ is one such track from the artist that has won over the house and engaged the global audiences. The quickly addictive and mainstream sound design of the track has made this release appear greater than any other recent releases. With this track, the artist has expressed his versatility to global listeners.

A smooth groove and hip hop-style beat have been introduced in a gentle way through the track ‘Call Me’, which has made the audiences fall in love with his music all over again. The rising and falling bars of the track have provided a modern feel to the entire arrangement yet it has always stayed true to the traditional elements. Also, the notably relatable and uninhibited style of the sound design of the track ‘Got Something For You’ has made the entire structure more pleasant and enticing. Fans have showered this track with appreciation and love. 

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On the other hand, the track ‘Let Me Take Care Of You’ has taken things to a new direction of intense melody, stunning use of rhythms, and an RnB style sound design – this track is a fan-favorite and one of the finest ever created by Aurthor Ant. He has truly put his heart and soul into this creation, which has contributed greatly to its huge success. Listen to these on Spotify and find him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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