Kalieth brings wistful crooning with a captivating composition titled ‘Purple Light Vibes’

Purple Light Vibes

The upcoming young artist Kalieth gets inspired by doing facetime with his girlfriend and comes with the single ‘Purple Light Vibes’ to pine over his recent heartbreak.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Dallas, Sep 2, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – An emotional crisis can draw out the artist in you and the sensational pop/hip hop artist Kalieth is born with the same fire. He is a young and talented artist who starts making music to survive the pain and walk steadily in the world full of spicules. His new single Purple Light Vibes‘ is a soft, sweet, and emotive composition that awakens the sad feeling of regret in your bones. He is going through a major musical transition and this track resembles the style of Troy Sivan, the Australian artist who is best known for writing songs based on true emotions.

Kalieth doesn’t miss a chance to flex his dexterity in shuffling genres in the nick of time. His music is unpredictable and he lets his fans keep on guessing about his next projects. He started music in the time when legends like Juice Wrld, Roderick Porter, and Ian Dior started to penetrate the world. His musicality is beyond any lines of genre, it is more like a mood, a mix of euphonious sounds that make people happy and teary at the same time. He was inspired to make the song Purple Light Vibes‘ during the facetime calls with his lover, sensing an imminent breakup with silence. The indie record is pure and emotional from his perception of lost love.

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He is currently working on his next project, a complete album that will come out in November. ‘Stranded’ starts with a calming intro that leads to a secluded place, which looks like his lonely life. His music is the medication that pushes you to gives up on loneliness and feel different about everything. Get all the gloomy and groovy songs and snippets on Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube, and Instagram as well.

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