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The current revolution against the systematic oppression and racial discrimination has motivated musicians all over the world to voice their support through their means of music. Seasoned EDM music group Skull N Tones has extended their support through their latest electronic creation ‘The Ballot Or The Bullet’. The song features the historic speech by the famous human rights activist Malcolm X delivered on April 3rd, 1964, at Cory Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, in the beginning, and throughout the whole track. The track brings back the force and energy of his words protesting against the government’s unequal acts towards the African American community in the country through the dynamic electro beats.

Skull N TonesThe gifted and bold New York EDM music producers specialize in bass music. The international collective of artists from the U.S. to Europe transited fully into electronic dance music after they started their musical journey by making instrumental pieces for underground hip hop acts like Brooklyn Academy and Steven king. The group is well known for their outstanding resonance and their signature style of performing with fully covered masks with their logo. Instead of emphasizing individual identity, the group wants to bring all under one roof creating an exceptional musical singularity.

Working with the renowned production house Speechless RecordsSkull N Tones has been delivering quality EDM beats to the listeners developing a vast fanbase across the globe. Their latest release The Ballot Or The Bullet, a 2020 makeover of the revolutionary speech by Malcolm X sets the bar high for contemporary standards. The heavy mix of bass breathes life into the inspiring words bringing out its true spirit. Their other creations like ‘Getting Lit’ featuring Entellekt x A. Rob, ‘Keep It Low’, ‘Military Leng’, and ‘CORVUS’ X TRANTIC are opulent in their distinctive bass. Follow them on SoundCloud, and social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more imformation.

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