Trill Snappin

Cultivating a rap sound that is easily distinguishable from all others, a rapper who is perhaps holding the flag of future hip-hop generation is Trill Snappin. Introducing his charismatic style and writing ability, all at once in a hypnotic manner, the artist has no fear to oppose the prevailing sound of hip-hop and channelizes his versatile traits to shine out bright in the genre. The Florida rapper Trill Snappin has brought to the surface his unignorable vocal qualities mixed with conscious hip-hop beats that flow excitingly to please the listener’s ears. After a long time, hip-hop has found its mindful artist who not only amazes all with his breathless delivery but striking concepts as well.

On his aim to give off the listeners a glimpse of his authentic hip-hop talent, the talented rapper delivers his latest release Inside/Outside that highlights his refreshing sound design and comforting rap style. The song magically impresses the listener from its onset and the melodic tunes that starts flowing in to create a hard-hitting ambiance right from the start. The soundscape is soon taken over the rapper’s gritty performance that adds to its smooth charm and perfectly complements the other sonic elements included in the track. The storyline is catchy and the artist confidently experiments with his wordplay and delivery that sets him apart from his other musical peers. The record has a distinctive punch and eclectic essence that highlights the rapper’s artistic approach and the lyrical delivery is nothing less than perfect.

Coming from Florida, USA, Trill Snappin reminds all the characteristics of raw hip-hop with his boundless creativity and the stamps his proficiency over the genre with his aptly pitched voice. The track ‘Inside/Outside’ effectively shows off his conviction to the genre and throws the dart of his talent precisely to impress the audience globally. Listen to the song on both Soundcloud and YouTube and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for further updates.

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Inside/Outside :

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