Alan Tuck And Tim Ransom Set The Sardonic Permutation Of The Glittery Pop Renditions In Their Love Songs

Not Looking Back

Alan Tuck and Tim Ransom conceive the idea to dish out some extreme sides of love stitched with pop harmonies to present their unrivaled talent of music production.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Toronto, Sep 28, 2020 ( – Upcoming musicians, Alan Tuck and Tim Ransom have become quite a famous name in the Spotify community since last year. The pop duo now presents few more new songs for the fans that are written with love and sung with passion. They have brought a potpourri of positive ideals confined in a shell made of good and evil both. The present the idea of the absolute state of higher love in one song and one moment later, they sing with bleeding notes about wretched breakups and unwanted endings. ‘Not Looking Back’ is a staggering song sung in soft keys to paint the harsh reality. It is a difficult song choice for the duo because it unravels the bitterness of a breakup.

The duo was bound to change the shape of the industry with the unmatched caliber of playing soulful pop melodies and singing with a voice as pure as snow. Their songs are as grand as the shining chandelier and their smashing hit song ‘I Give You Love’ captures the aesthetic bliss of their avant-garde music. ‘Where Do We Go’ is a blithe pop track about the endless assumptions about modern love.

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Alan Tuck and Tim Ransom concocted the new songs in the tunes that represent different emotions of a person. ‘Strange Love’ is a soft and distracting piece of composition that raises a toast to the young, confused and boundless love that is unfathomable. With the wonderful symphonies in the single ‘You and I’, the artists bask in the warmth of love, singing about great intentions that can defeat Romeo in its comparison. Follow the singers on their website, Instagram, and Facebook for more music.


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Not Looking Back:

Where Do We Go:

Strange Love:

You and I:

Where Do We GoStrange LoveYou and I

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