A lot of energy and an effortless and laid back style is on the cards with the brilliant rapper Activate. He has spellbound the audience with his latest hip hop track I Don’t Know’. An unfathomable ecstasy is created by the stupefying Chicago hip hop artistThe track has got an addictive dash and is played in all major mainstream airplay and podcasts. The festival arena and popular music clubs are abuzz with the scintillating tunes of his latest riveting song. The audiences can log on to his Instagram handle and fetch relevant information about his queued up ventures by going through his shared pictures and videos.

The prodigious singer Activate has belted out sassy vocals in the stupendous rap number ‘I Don’t Know’. The refreshing vibes in the track are delightfully entertaining and have connected with the audiences instantly. There is a profound bounce in the number that comes with an immaculate natural rasp. His narration and story-telling are exemplary and have engaged innumerable listeners with an all-new class. He has some popular hit tracks in his kitty and some of them are ‘Drugs ma che’, ‘Free verse’, ‘WHO CARES’, and ‘You Know what I’m sayin’. The fans hear his ear candy tracks by logging on to popular music streaming sites like Soundcloud.

The superlative performer has come up with his brilliant skill to express unique and superb new sounds in his latest track. There is an exciting mumble in the rap that has got subtle touches of funk. The swashbuckling number has spiked up the resonance. The track will make the fans break into a jig with the quintessential swagger and sway. There is a hint of the ubiquitous trap beats in the song that comes with a brilliant groove. The vivacious music videos by the prolific rapper can be watched on major trending platforms like YouTube.


I Don’t Know:

Jacklyn Ryan

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