Thomas Chevalier has an epic story to tell through the captivating melodies of his lyrical folk numbers


Eminent French folk singer Thomas Chevalier weaves a masterful blend of rich and soothing melodies and impactful words in his extraordinary soundscape.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Regina, Nov 5, 2020 ( – The traditional acoustic charm of folk music is universally accepted and adored by music-lovers from all genres. Established folk singer Thomas Chevalier from Regina, Saskatchewan has been imparting his outstanding acoustic resonance through his genuine artistic endeavors. He has recently released a charismatic melody called Non‘ that is a blend of folk and alternative music exuding breathtaking rhythmic cadence. His next release La jacouzie‘ brims with a vibrant positive vibe that lightens up the mood of the audience.

The proud Fransaskois musician is always striving to create something new and refreshing that speaks of his individuality and versatility with flawless dexterity. Experimenting with different thematic styles and elements, the talented musician has been making a huge difference in the global folk music scene. To break free of the monotony of contemporary music, the brave and bold singer introduces a new-age vision to his creation that can change the entire course of the genre.

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Tackling different themes, from serious issues like the hardships of modern life, war, and love. To love and fun, the French folk artist has covered a wide range of them music putting his hard-earned musical insight into the test. Thomas Chevalier is determined to bring a positive change into the world with his universal soundscape that breaks all cultural and language barriers. The tracks ‘Non’ and ‘La jacouzie’, produced under CDBaby, unfurls his incredible singing capability that breathes life into the melody. Listen to him on Spotify and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on his future projects.

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