An unmatchable fan frenzy is created with the mesmerizing betas dished out by the prodigious rapper Lonleybandz. He has amped up the hip hop quotient with thumping beats in the track ‘Damaged’, ‘Out the Mud (Calboy)’, ‘Pain-to-You’, and ‘Cartel Running It Up’. It is a breathtaking performance by the extremely talented Oklahoma solo artistHe is the proud owner of an up to the minute production house called ‘Cartel oil records’ that has state of the art facilities. He is only 21 years of age and has garnered a lot of popularity at such a young age. The solo artist belonged to Tulsa in Oklahoma but later on, moved to San Diego in California for his musical pursuit. To know more about the rapper, the fans can log on to his Facebook profile and catch a glimpse of his shared posts.

In the brilliant number ‘Damaged’ by the prolific rapper Lonleybandz, there is a heck of a pace. In the track ‘Out the Mud (Calboy)’ there is high octane rhythm. In the song ‘Pain-to-You’ there is a fantastic rhythmic looping. In ‘Cartel Running It Up’ there are crazy vibes with oodles of funk. The audiences can log on to his Instagram and fetch relevant information about his queued up ventures. The fans can also start an impromptu gabfest with the singer by logging on to his Twitter.


In all the tracks by the rapper par excellence, there is an eclectic appeal. He is trying to dish out tracks that will narrate his story with a dash of reality. His tracks are based on the mundane realities of life and he comes up with a dash of confidence. To listen to his tracks, one can plug into popular music streaming sites like Soundcloud. The music videos by the singer can be watched on major trending platforms like YouTube.


Visit the below link for listening to all tracks on Soundcloud:


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