Becoming Donald Trump – George Mentz Publishes New Book on the Success Principles of President Donald Trump

Becoming Donald Trump

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Colorado Springs, Nov 13, 2020 ( – The new book is called, Becoming Donald Trump and after several years of research, Counselor Mentz has compiled a list of success secrets of the President. Mentz is an IBA international award-winning author in the areas of success and has recently been identified as a #2 influencer in the world in the area of wealth management insights and success.

The book has an itemized summary of President Trump’s winning success principles over the last 50 years. From the art of deals to the White House, the book contains information that every leader and entrepreneur should know about Trump’s New York City and Wharton inspired leadership styles.

This book has never before released information about: Trump’s bookshelf, his spirituality, his family, his ancestry and is packed with amazing facts and information about President Trump’s working family-friendly policies and ideas.

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This book is short and sweet and packed with the punch of inspiration. Let this book guide you to greater heights in your quest for purpose, destiny, success, happiness, and health. If you want to know the heart and mind of one of the world’s most courageous leaders since Eisenhower, Reagan, and Patton, read this little manuscript that took 2 years to complete and is ready for the public to read.

The book is available from Amazon in both paperback and kindle.

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Here are some typical comments about Commissioner Mentz and his success books:

  • “Such a wonderful book. The content was quite beyond my expectations. Anybody who needs to succeed in life should start here. A very practical book.”
  • “This book is a must-read it gives you some clarity to put you on your path in life.”
  • “Great read! I recommend reading this it’s very insightful. I have to add this one to the library. Knowledge is key!”
  • “To date, I have learned more from this book than any I have read thus far. It is a literal how-to book in bringing abundance into your life.”

Read this book carefully to learn Trump’s Secrets on using your mind and spirit to advance your life to new levels of productivity, confidence, success, and happiness. This book takes the philosophy of one of the world’s most successful billionaires to a new level of metaphysics and strategy.  Read this book to learn how to shift your consciousness and your dominant thinking toward a more productive and peaceful life. This blockbuster book is one of the first to analyze in-depth the: consciousness, mindfulness, and success principles of a US President and bring it all together into a coherent methodology to achieve peace, power, and genuine results.


About the Author:

Commissioner George Mentz JD MBA CILS  is a global entrepreneur, attorney, and international IBA award-winning success author. Mentz is a wealth management graduate faculty at a top US law school.

Mentz has had bestsellers in various categories of success, finance, and other areas.  Mentz holds JD/Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, an MBA,  and a US law license.  Mentz is the first law professor in the USA to have been triple board certified in management consulting/international law, wealth management/financial consulting, and financial planning.  Counselor Mentz is one of the few  JD/MBA holders in the USA to earn a CILS Graduate Cert./Diploma in “International Legal Studies”.  Mentz is also the Titular Seigneur of the ancient “Fief de Blondel” which was established over 577 years ago in Normandy.

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