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Ty Hunt has passed on the message of love and empathy in his latest music video ‘Mo Jesus’. The rapping style in the track has resonated with peace and harmony.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Brockton, Jan 5, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The incredible singer Ty Hunt has arrived in his best avatar in his latest music video. He has created a lot of fan frenzy with the music video Mo Jesus‘ that also features Layzie Bone who is a childhood idol of the singer. The special performance by the rapper comes at a time when he is free from drugs for three and a half years. This is a great achievement by him and he is busy making a lot of new fans to add to his tally of the fanbase. He was busy performing in September in a festival arena and also was part of an event for a toy drive in December. He also gave an interview at the very famous DTF radio that is based out of Brooklyn and there are a lot more things that kept him busy.

But it was a great time for him to introspect during the pandemic as he was strategizing and being creative to launch him after the covid-19 period will be over. He is not into employing any kind of vintage equipment. The fans will know about him by visiting his Facebook and Instagram handle and watch the music videos on YouTube. The rapper Ty Hunt has come up with brilliant vocals in the video ‘Mo Jesus’. He has advice for all the independent musicians out there as he wants them to be intimate with the fans and deliver consistently.

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Being yourself is one such mantra that is propagated by the fine rapper. Along with the track, he wants the visuals to be creative and appealing. He wants to have a never to give up attitude and wants to build a team. The track by the rapper has got high octane rhythm and magnificent vibes. He is all set to come up with his upcoming music videos titled ‘We Are Strong’ that features J Gramz and also ‘Angel in a straight Jacket’ that features Destiny Claymore. He listens to his favorite artists and also spends time meditating.

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