Upcoming Kansas based young rapper TTG$ is offering his unwavering personality through his latest track ‘Run It Up’. It is just another milestone in his musical journey.

Hitting the industry with an enticing lyrical hip hop arrangement, well-revered rapper TTG$ has come up with his latest track ‘Run It Up’. The track is setting a benchmark in the music industry with its brilliant sound design and smooth lyrical flow. The rapper has an eclectic style of rapping that meanders through the whole track, adding more hook to the hypnotic musical arrangement. Starting with a slow pace and soft groove, the track suddenly captures its pace as the artist starts rapping with his fast-paced verses. Amazingly skilled with phonetics and vocabulary, the artist rhymes with every beat of the track what he likes to call ‘Killing every single beat’.

This Kansas based young rapper is making some significant progress through the music industry with his amazing tracks and vocal skills. Each of the tracks by this artist comes with a distinct feature that appears to differ from another. Some the tracks like ‘WACK’, ‘Run Like the Plug’, ‘Dont Talk’, etc showcase the artist’s talent, skill, and a great sense of original music. Armed with his musical arsenal, the artist adapts with any kind of sound design with a variety of skills like double-timing, slow spacious rhyming, and many others. His rapping style evolves simultaneously just like his respective musical arrangement. Similar intensity and vibes can be found in the latest track ‘Run It Up’.

Hailing from Seneca, this uber-talented rapper is making a huge buzz in the industry at the age of 18 years only. His persistent career and musical consistency prove that more exquisite tracks by this artist are about to come. Strength during the bars and freestyle like confident deliverance is what the listeners are looking forward to. Follow TTG$ over SoundCloud and other digital platforms to know more about his upcoming music and experimental works.

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