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TradeCasa today announced a new milestone in for sale by owner real estate, as it reached the mark of 10,000 home sales with an estimated $150 million saved in commission fees.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Grand Island, New York Mar 12, 2021 ( – In recent years, the for sale by owner real estate segment has become extremely popular amongst home sellers, partially due to higher real estate prices. “As homes continue to go up in value so have the commission costs in selling them” states CFO, Les Wojcianiec, at TradeCasa. According to Global Properties Guide, during the last 10 years, home prices have increased on average by over 66% in the United States and over 77% in Canada. Yet, the rates of full-service real estate commissions have remarkably remained unchanged. With a current average housing price of $300k in the USA and over $500k in Canada, a typical 5% commission equates to respectively $15k and $25k in potential savings when using companies like TradeCasa.

This TradeCasa release marks a new milestone for the organization as it positions itself as one of the leading players in the for sale by owner real estate space. From its early beginnings in 2016, TradeCasa entered the FSBO market by selling branded outdoor for sale signs through national hardware store chains such as Do it Best Corp. & Home Hardware Stores Ltd. The company has grown exponentially since this time, currently hosting thousands of for sale by owner homes, and properties for rent in what is virtually every state and province in USA and Canada. “We remain laser-focused on what we stand for and what really works, offering a highly effective for sale by owner marketing platform without the gimmicks or hidden commission fees,” says CEO, Martin Rygiel, at TradeCasa.

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The existing real estate landscape is not the only reason behind TradeCasa’s success story. When asked what is the main factor that drives TradeCasa’s unprecedented growth, CEO, Martin Rygiel, stated: “Unlike many other real estates for sale by owner platforms, TradeCasa always remains true to the for sale by owner spirit”.

But the landscape of opportunity also has a downside, as many for sale by owner organizations resort to misleading tactics commonly known as bait and switch. Offering for sale by owner services to consumers with the agenda of eventually selling additional marketing reminiscent of what traditional realty agents provide. The consumer is often setup for failure and has no choice but to resort to buying into more expensive services which often result in thousands of dollars in sales contingency fees.

TradeCasa remains highly distinguished from the rest, as stated by, Rygiel, “staying true to the for sale by owner spirit” providing services that are geared for success and never result in commission fees, while offering comprehensive sales tools, resources, and support. It is expected that companies like TradeCasa will continue to experience strong growth in the years to come by, offering an economical alternative for consumers versus using a traditional real estate agent.      

TradeCasa is an open community, commission-free real estate network. Offering an industry leading, real estate for sale by owner marketplace, designed to assist homeowners (FSBO’s) and realty professionals to sell without commission fees. Featuring thousands of unique for sale by owner homes and rental properties in USA & Canada, saving vendors millions in realty fees each year. Learn more about us at