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Feel God’s protection in the enchanting melodies of Harbor Point Church, a community formed to show the warmth of Christian prayers, in the song ‘God of Revival – Live’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- San Juan Capistrano, California Mar 18, 2021 ( – The search for God’s love ends with the passable holy experience that Harbor Point Church brings forth through their live music. The musical community out of San Juan Capistrano makes exceptional music to worship the protection of God showers on the whole world. They appoint sophisticated melodies to emphasize the empathy that God showed mankind. They give a ray of hope with their new Christian song God of Revival – Live. It bends as a powerful prayer that inspires every Christian to embrace the holy light that God sends us. The captivating meander of melodies takes the listeners from one extreme to another from the beginning. Its music is light and charming but the lyrics are laden with positive vibes, and the strength of prayers of thousands of Catholics.

Harbor Point Church is a community made of common believers who take the initiative to make Christian music an international sensation. They have released a slow-burning, beautifully crafted Christian music album Live Sessions, Vol. 1. It is comprised of nine rhythmic and soulful songs throwing light on the other side of prayers. They believe there is a lot more to know about Jesus and they try to find a way to get deeply connected with his love. They devote their energy and passion to let the world know about the serenity that lies in the diverse Christian songs.

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‘God of Revival – Live’ is a part of their latest album Live Sessions, Vol. 1. It is a strange presentation of live songs that are performed by common people who love Jesus more than anything. They infused well-appointed lyrics with images of love, respect, hope, and kindness. They show the path that leads to a peaceful world with the holy chords of the song. The cheerful expressions in it throw a positive impression on the world. Be blessed with their choral symphony in every soothing song by following them on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.

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