Being the birthplace of the genre of hip hop, the U.S. has been producing countless brilliant performers for decades. Seasoned hip-hop artist CAINE OTH has been contributing to the genre with his exceptional creations that create a powerful connection with the audience. He has recently dropped a marvelous hip-hop banger named ‘Daddy’ that is rich in trap resonance. Inspired by the unique rhythmic cadence of trap music, the prolific artist has embedded enticing 808 beats in its rhythmic structure. His robust vocal style matches the dynamic groove of the melodic backdrop. It gives him an opportunity to show his true dexterity.
Deeply influenced by the iconic artists of the genre, the talented Las Vegas rapper has developed a genuine interest in hip-hop music at a very young age. He used to improve his rhyming techniques by going through the rap techniques of his favorite artists. Through hard work and devotion towards the art, he soon achieved a unique rhyming pattern that represents his creative artistry impeccably. Armed with his raw passion and dedication, he created a permanent place in the hearts of the hip-hop-lovers across the world. His deep voice has favored him to build a penetrating soundscape effortlessly.
Working independently, the multi-talented artist sings as well as writes his music all by himself. He puts so much effort into giving his musical pieces a universal charm, which makes them relatable to everyone. His most recent creation, ‘Daddy’ is a witty and entertaining piece featuring an inimitable rhyming pattern. CAINE OTH is known for putting fresh new resonance on the plate with his every creation. His other two tracks, ‘KING 1’ and ‘Ceaser’s Speech’ are rich in his signature diction intermingled with captivating trap beats. Listen to his music on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Follow him on Facebook for more updates.

Please visit here to listen this song ‘Daddy’ by CAINE OTH :

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