The enthusiasm of electronic music in the backdrop of contemporary engagement now has a new name with upcoming producer N Tusio DJ. His soundscape resonates with all the elements of the genre and its gradual progression into the future of music. He recently came out with the track, ‘MIAI’ that sets a benchmark of how electronic music is perceived across the mass. His music comprises the various components that pave the way for a creative explosion. The track also resonates with his personality that is lively and colorful and puts together a production arrangement that can give the new-wave music scene a run for its own money.

The producer’s prolific and dynamic personality is exemplified in the verses of ‘MIAI’. The track sweeps the audience off its feet with its exuberant rhythmic patterns and compels them to shake a leg to its tunes. It is perfect for a night in the club as an unwinding recreational piece after a hard day’s work. Creative boundaries are endless when it comes to his beautiful electronic motion as he takes EDM to form a new identity with his eccentric soundscape. The DJ is constantly pulling out new influences and inspiration and bringing to the table an exciting experience for all music lovers.

Electronic Dance Music or EDM branches out into various categories. N Tusio DJ tries to imbibe the best of the lot and integrate the same in his music. Some of his other notable tracks that are synonymous with his creative flow include ‘Flowers Park’, ‘Non Devi’, and ‘Ntusio’. Although he is just starting with his career, his potential and passion are undying. He looks forward to garnering a fan base from around the world. If you are ready to let go of your worries and indulge in this intense and engaging story of new-age EDM, follow him on Soundcloud.

To enjoy this song visit the given link: https://soundcloud.com/user-711957975/miai