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The bona fide composer Qing Lu has presented a gratifying composition ‘Wake Up In Colorado’ resonating with the natural milieu of the landscape with soothing music.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Eugene, Oregon May 5, 2021 ( – It has been a while since the world heard something as magnificent as Mozart’s opus. The time of classical music has returned with a new approach with the influence of the versatile composure Qing Lu. She has craved a new future for instrumental artists with her nostalgic music therapy. The latest music composition Wake Up In Colorado‘ is an inspirational journey that she wired with highbrow instrumentation. It combines the powerful aesthetic of the pianist Matthew Hopkins in the sweet piano riffs that add more layers. It is the second instrumental piece that was released on YouTube on May 1. It is an intangible musical experience that combines the classical thematic instrumentation with stable mainstream piano riffs to make the piece more acceptable. The blissful chorus smoothly gliding into a new sphere of melodies. The versatile composer successfully delivers a freshly transcribed, fully orchestral version of the piece. She has left behind an unprecedented impact with the swirling harmonies on the keyboard. 

The pandemic took away the hopes and dreams of many artists. People lost families and fell into the abyss of depression for an eternity with the destructive viral outbreak. Though, last year has been a different chapter in the uniquely talented composer Qing Lu‘s life. Born and raised in China, she was well-acquainted with the mixed Asian culture that has a serious influence on classical music. She was mentally ready to take music as her vocation since she started playing instruments. She loved how he could work with melodies and sweet symphonies to convey his emotions. She was astonished to learn that music is more than the culmination of melodies and chorus; it’s a culture, a global language to convey prolific feelings. She soon moved to Canada to live with his family and pursue music as a potential career. Qing has a strong passion for various kinds of music including instrumental, Asian, Western, and Latino pop. She delved into music from a young age to follow her dreams of creating eclectic music. 

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Last year, she made a small trip to Creede, Colorado for a week. She stayed at his dear friend Matthew Hopkins‘ family house and strayed on the beautiful landscape to find inspiration for her music. She composed the neo-classical piece ‘Wake Up In Colorado’ to express its beatific beauty. Words would fall short of the mark to completely explain the rusty sunset sky and the lonely grasslands in the beautiful countryside of Colorado. Follow the talented composer on YouTube and Facebook

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