Let There Be DarknessUp-and-coming gothic rock band Let There Be Darkness has come up with its latest track Like a Vampire‘. The track is deftly produced to provide an intoxicating industrial soundscape. Hooky and hypnotic, the track is capable of captivating the listeners and put a deep impact on them. There are religious symbolism and potential dark vibes that feel hauntingly intense and exciting. Darkness the main element of the track. The artist has an amazing vocal tone that sprawls through the track and keeps the grim theme intact. This band is churning out the essence of authentic gothic rock music.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Charles Richburg is the vocalist, songwriter, and main man behind his band, Let There Be Darkness. Featuring upbeat musical arrangements along with electronic grooves, it surely impresses all kinds of listeners around the globe. The sense of poignancy is established with the theme of negativity and despair to portray the bigger picture of reality. Emotionally rich hard-hitting lyricism makes the single more dynamic and unique. This niche musician incorporates the conventional religious embraces its darker side of hell and eternal suffering. The latest track ‘Like a Vampire’ is carrying the artist’s and his band’s musical aura even further.

Charles has been working as a versatile music artist in the modern goth and industrial scene for the last twenty years. This musical powerhouse has offered listeners some of the best alternative rock tracks like, ‘Myself Decay’, ‘Endless Rain’, ‘Demon To Some’, ‘Suffer The Moment’ etc many others which have proved the artist’s talent and creativity along with his Los Angeles based music band. Currently, this band is looking forward to making more in the coming days of its prolific musical journey. Follow Let There Be Darkness over SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all the major platforms to know more about the latest and upcoming music.

Please visit here to listen to the songs of Let There Be Darkness:


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