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The scope of pop-rock with an edge of electronic modulations comprise the glamorous soundscape of artist Kelsie Watts’ new release, ‘Summertime Anthem’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Nashville, Tennessee Jul 14, 2021 ( – Upcoming independent music artist Kelsie Watts‘ highly anticipated song, Summertime Anthem recently released to rave reviews and audience engagement. The song truly stands as a recreational anthem for the summers with its fresh vibe and style. The song is distributed through the label Terrible Children record and produced and co-written by the artist herself alongside Mo Brown, Nikki Williams, and Zach Seabolt. The song’s energy and glamor cut through the sultry summers and established itself as a timeless creative number in all its glory.

The artist channels a captivating course of rock-infused pop music with the edge of electronic production touches. The song, ‘Summertime Anthem’ creates and recreates new-age biases and leads the audiences towards a direction of complete liberation. The electronic pop anthem surely changes her career and expands it towards global acknowledgment. Some of the other songs at her disposal that define the spontaneity of her artistry include ‘Look What You Missed’, ‘I Dare You’, ‘Starstruck – Pink Panda Remix’, and ‘Difficult’ among others.

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Artist Kelsie Watts hails from Nashville, Tennessee who channelizes her life experiences through her music. Her popularity and exposure to the scene with her appearance in The Voice along with many other collaborations led to her successful career. Her music stands for the youth and is a symbolic representation of the present generations’ plight and energy. Her music fuels motivation leading the collective music scene towards a new era of creative breakthrough. Her powerful voice and might appear in her music as melodic streams captivating the audiences in an instant. Listen to her exquisite musical journey by following her on Spotify and Instagram.

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