O’Neill Fernandes

Making it big in the music industry is all about the strength to resonate with the audience and keep their preferences in mind while composing a sound. Catering to all such needs and injecting much more to stand out, artist O’Neill Fernandes has significantly made his presence felt in the music world with his charming pop soundscapes. The talented Pop music artist from Perth puts out his intriguing thoughts through soulful melodies and successfully weaves his magic in the listener’s mind. Coming from a very honest, real, and genuine place, the musician holds vast musical knowledge and uses it effectively to compose some of the most soulful harmonies.

Bringing his best out in 2021, the producer is out with his latest album ‘Mother’s Love’ to mark a very special 25th album celebration. The album comprises twenty mesmerizing songs and the artist has wholeheartedly dedicated it to his mother, mother-in-law, and also to all the mothers around the globe. Some of the most compelling songs from the collection are I Believe In Music (O’Neill Fernandes)’, ‘Afrikaan Beat (O’Neill Fernandes)’, ‘Isle Of Capri (O’Neill Fernandes)’, and Skokiaan (O’Neill Fernandes)’. The songs are not just built with fantastic instrumental sounds and rhythms but with immense love that the artist holds in his heart for his audience. The album is one of the most complex records he has recorded and produced so far and takes his artistry to the next level.

Coming from Australia, O’Neill Fernandes is a very talented musician who is currently working on his next album ‘Sweetheart’. Built under the label O’Neill fernandes, the latest album ‘Mother’s Love’ is sure to receive an immense amount of appreciation and love from the audience around the globe for its diverse musical influence and honest essence. It’s a very different kind of music and the musician has used various instruments to blend, mix, and master a big impact. Rather than succumbing to one specific genre, the artist has followed his creative calling to craft each song passionately. He is an artist who always flourishes beyond expectations and has done so yet again with this latest project. Hear him on SoundCloud and YouTube, and follow him on Facebook for more details.

Please visit here to listen to the EP music of O’Neill Fernandes: https://soundcloud.com/oneill-fernandes/sets/mothers-love