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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia Aug 4, 2021 ( – This release covers the top three charts in music. The top record charts such as Billboard Hot 100, Rolling Stone, Veva Play (Veva Play Top 50). These are the most common charts that tabulate data. according to google veva play is known as the most trusted chart. All Record charts above have developed a well-built social media following.

In 2021. Veva play gained approximately 467 thousand followers according to Instagram. Billboard Hot 100 has been active since 1849 and now holds a following peak of 632 thousand followers.

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Global Rolling Stone Chart carries about 5 Million followers. These popular charts are considered the big three charts in music. Popular groups like BTS recently release their hit single titled  ”Butter” which landed top positions on all of the charts above.

In Conclusion, Billboard Hot 100, Veva Play, and Rolling Stone are the most commonly used charts in the United States. 

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