With soft vocals and persistent yet strong choruses, Georgia female R&B singer JayaLesedi’s new R&B single ‘YOUR HEARTBEAT’ will leave you breathless.

With her magnificent new track ‘YOUR HEARTBEAT’Georgia female R&B singer JayaLesedi offers nostalgic enchantment in the age of digital sound with her somewhat experimental vocal improvisation. Her continuous musical growth has just begun with her debut record about a year ago, which showcases her refined enthusiasm for singing alongside synchronized beats. With her seductive voice and mind-blowing mix of tunes, the emerging singer is trending on Soundcloud. Her sweet voice, drenched in funky reverbs, will transport you away from your emotional weight. It creates a lovely haven for those seeking consolation in a world that sometimes seems hopeless and has so much pain. The vocal delivery is delicate and elegant, while the unusual arrangement keeps your attention throughout. After then, the melodies kick into a totally unexpected, almost acoustic sounding – extremely lovely, really joyous, delightfully lyrical way. The music shifts from full speed forward to soft and even sensitive at moments, with the vocal staying as the thread that keeps the whole thing sounding familiar yet fresh.

Trees_Upper_BodyShe is a youthful and energetic artist of a hybrid generation, full of aesthetic languages and a zest for the world’s fineries. Her mixed cultural beginnings keep her connected to the world’s inherent attribute of variety. Her Indian heritage taught her the spiritual foundations of seeking she incorporated into her subtle singing technique. Indian civilizations affected her understanding of the flow of rhythms with scale changes. Half of her spirit is enveloped by African customs and heritage she idolized as a child growing up in the United States. Her appreciation for global music stems from her family, which instilled ideals in her.

JayaLesedi makes her latest with the wonderfully constructed R&B track YOUR HEARTBEAT‘ which centers on her sincere narrative. She maintains it up to date with modern streaks of deep melodies and a simple flow of lyrics that resonate with the younger generation. It captures all of your attention with chilly hooks and gentle vocalization that create an impenetrable love. With her beautiful falsetto, she gradually boosts the speed. It’s a fresh voice, yet even after only a few new tracks, you know her voice, singing style, and lyrical presentation. It stands out and contributes to ‘IF YOU COULD FEEL ME’, the record’s uniqueness, as does the fact that it is brimming with musical expertise, innovative songwriting, song construction, and successful experimentation. She’s on her way to amassing an army of R&B music fans on Soundcloud. The new song adds a dark and moody edge to her music, and it’s apparent by the end that she has a mind full of ideas, thoughts, words, and melodies. There isn’t a single song under her production that is a dud – no filler, nothing that falls short. On top of that, she has an instantly appealing voice; she’s creative, she is entertaining, smart, trustworthy, and generally pretty intriguing. That’s pretty much everything you could expect from an experienced R&B female singer. For her, your likes and comments are the most important things in the world, so follow her on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, and Twitter.

Check out this track on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-517769225-558584044/your-heartbeat