Ubiquity, a fair launch Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which has recently launched its flagship product, the Ubiquity Algorithmic Dollar (uAD) is embarking on a mission to bring DeFi to the masses. 

Fresh from its successful Bonding V2 launch, an upgrade on the Ubiquity Algorithmic Dollar protocol, it is setting its sights on a marketing campaign that will not only introduce the Ubiquity DAO and its products to the market but also aim to educate the people about decentralized finance beyond being an investment vehicle. 

According to Alex, Ubiquity’s pseudo-anon founder, “the idea with uAD is that we can integrate into society within this decade (if we get our shit together).” The idea is to move beyond labels like degens, normies, chads, and apes. According to him, so long as we treat crypto as a mere investment vehicle, vs providing real world solutions, it will continue to fluctuate. “And without stability, we have nothing.“


Ubiquity will be launching a Rewards Program for an extensive education campaign aimed at regular people, be they degens, normies, chads, and apes alike. Writers, bloggers, and anyone with a social media presence is invited to participate. Anything related to Ubiquity in relation to DeFI, DAO, SaaS, Traditional Finance, etc, is fair game. 

As a reward, specific actions will be given UBQ rewards. UBQ is the Ubiquity DAO governance token which represents the voting powers of community members to help shape the DAO’s future. UBQ has an initial supply of zero and is generated as users interact with the uAD protocol. Visit here to sign up for the rewards program. 

About Ubiquity

Ubiquity is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) committed to bringing real-world solutions to decentralized finance by leveraging its unique stablecoin, the uAD as a payments settlement system with traditional software-as-a-service products. Ubiquity is committed to creating new open-source processes and tools to maximize operating efficiencies within DAOs. Ubiquity’s ultimate goal is to create tools and products with an intuitive user interface that brings DeFi to the masses. The DAO was founded by a globally distributed group of DeFi natives in December 2020. Ubiquity is one of the few DeFi organizations founded on a fair launch ideology. 


For more information about Ubiquity, please visit ubq.fi and twitter.com/UbiquityDAO.

Rafael Schneider

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