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As the highly contagious Delta Coronavirus variant has arrived, seven Australian cities are in lockdown now to prevent the spread. The authorities have scrambled the process to keep up the prevention simultaneously in different places.

The officials have reported a slight spike in the in cases as the number rose to 200.

Over 12 million people which is near half of the population are ordered to stay at home. The restriction has been implemented over Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Townsville, Darwin, and the Gold Coast.

There are reports of cases emerging in Australia. As a result, the outback town of Alice Springs has entered into a snap lockdown on Wednesday.

The authorities are concerned that the virus might spread among the aboriginal communities. The situation is referred to as a “pressure cooker situation”  as the state leaders are under peer pressure.

Only 5% of the total population has been vaccinated in Australia and many have urged to make the process faster as the virus suddenly started to spread.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s direction that people under 40 could get the AstraZeneca jab is still confusing. It is the main vaccine in the country.

However, on Wednesday the Queensland and Western Australia state premiers contradicted Prime Minister’s direction on this topic.

The authorities are still in shock how after months of a relaxed lifestyle, the new variant suddenly rose in five of its eight states and territories out of nowhere. The incidents took place just after a fortnight after the first cluster appeared in Sydney.

For the past year, when the virus was spreading like fore all over the world, Australia was able to restrict the spread with almost zero transmission rates. Only one COVID-related death occurred in the place.

They have taken all the necessary measures the number of rising cases has sparked a clash between the state and federal leaders.

The vaccination system over Australia has been well criticized as the nation’s main vaccine AstraZeneca jab is occurring the public concern of its rare blood clotting risk.  Also, there is a problem with supply and slow distribution.

On Monday, the Prime Minister has allowed open access to avail of the vaccine. But It has not been endorsed by state governments or the Australian Medical Association.

The critics are saying that lack of public health messaging is one reason behind the public making hesitancy about the jab.

The Queensland States Government has bashed the Federal Government for its confusing message and claimed that the jab is endorsed for younger people.

The state said that the Feds have turned down their request of Pfizer supplies and more stock of the vaccine for the people.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said, “The person who brought the virus into Queensland was a regular traveller, not a vulnerable Australian returning home…and I honestly think we need a serious discussion about ensuring that people are vaccinated coming into this country.”


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