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As the increasing Taliban battlefield is being a major problem amidst this civil war crisis, the US military is looking forward to completing its withdrawal within days.

The official said that some of the militaries are supposed to stay and protect the US Embassy as well as the Kabul Airport.

The country has slid into a civil war-like situation the terrorists and citizens have joined as the US troops leave.

As the US began to withdraw its military, the Taliban is seizing huge swathes of territory surging the atmosphere of fight and war.

An unnamed defense official told the network, “This week could be a critical week in the withdrawal and end of the retrograde process.”

However, smelling this tacky situation made the US military stay in the embassy and airport. Around 650 troops are staying back to secure the embassy while a hundred more clears out the perimeter at the Kabul Airport.

President Joe Biden has already set the deadline for pulling out up with the 11th of September. However, more than half of the military has already returned or willing to return very soon after a long devastating time. Thus the process is happening even faster most of the army will be back by July.

General Scott Miller showed his concerns about the time in Afghanistan, calling it “very hard times” as the most powerful international troop is leaving and the turbulence has already begun.

Miller said, “The security situation is not good right now”. He further added, “Civil war is certainly a path that can be visualized if this continues on the trajectory it’s on right now.” He also said, “That should be a concern to the world.”

The militant groups have captured more than 100 districts which makes the lack of US air support to Afghan forces. However, Miller did not rule out using airstrikes against the Taliban.

He said, “What I like to see is no airstrikes, but to get to no airstrikes, you stop all violence.”

The US has banished the Taliban from power in Afghanistan in October 2001. The terrorist group had been lurking with Osama Bin Laden and other al-Qaeda groups linked to the 9/11 incident in the US.

President said that pulling out the military is justified as the force has already made sure that land can’t be part or base of the foreign jihadis. The other problems are parts of the internal affair in which the US cannot participate.

Similarly, the step is quickly followed by Italy and Germany who have deployed over 50,000 and 150,000 soldiers respectively since 2001.

President Biden has promised to help Afghanistan but without any military involvement.

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