Marcus Lewis is an EMDRIA approved EMDR Therapist


(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Pennsylvania, United States Aug 4, 2021 ( – Sun Point Wellness Center in Lancaster, PA is pleased to announce the expansion of its high-quality counseling services into Florida. The new office opening will be facilitated by Marcus Lewis, a highly respected therapist specializing in EMDR for the treatment of trauma.

Marcus Lewis is an EMDRIA approved EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist. EMDR is a deeply researched and proven technique for treating the trauma of all types. First responders, victims of crime, veterans with PTSD, and many other forms of psychological trauma have been eradicated through this scientifically based model of therapeutic treatment.

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“I am very excited about this opportunity for my personal practice and Sun Point Wellness as a whole. The chance to help more people through EMDR therapy is so fulfilling,” said Lewis. “I am ready to lead this expansion of services to Florida and get to the work of helping others lead healthier happier lives.”

Marcus Lewis specializes in using counseling and EMDR therapy to help sufferers process and move beyond past trauma. Repetitive negative memories can trigger physical and emotional distress and have a crippling effect on daily life. His approach can help one to change these patterns, learn new coping strategies, and start to heal. Many clients report positive results and new freedom from past emotional trauma after the first few sessions.

“Emotional trauma is a deeply felt response to an event a person finds highly stressful,” says Laura Morse, Executive Director of Sun Point Wellness Center. “Sufferers may feel terror or panic as they relive an experience countless times in their minds. That’s where Marcus Lewis, an expert in EMDR, can help clients move forward in a positive way.”

This was part of the reason to expand into Florida, according to Morse. Sun Point Wellness wants to expand the EMDR treatment therapy into new locations, and in Florida, Marcus Lewis will work as a highly respected, qualified EMDR expert. Lewis, for his part, is excited about the prospects of expansion and is ready to help new clients with trauma go on to enjoy happy lives and healthy relationships.

The primary Sun Point Wellness Center practice will remain in Lancaster, PA, with a growing roster of clinicians trained in EMDR. All involved are 100 percent ready and willing to consult with new clients in their closest location.

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