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Versatile musical group Deladap is creating a huge buzz among the listeners with the latest track ‘Cream Soda’. The group collaborated with Wolfgang Lohr and Melinda.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Vienna, Wien Sep 1, 2021 ( – Rejuvenate the essence of retro swing music with a modern touch of EDM as Deladap come up with the latest single Cream Soda. The musical group has collaborated with Wolfgang Lohr and Melinda Stoika to create this wonderful masterpiece. Churning out an energetic flavor of Future EDM- Swing, the track invites all kinds of music lovers to the dance floor. There is a constant rising essence in the track that evolves with regular breakdowns, beat drops, and huge swathes of EDM. Even the lyrical approach in the track consists of catchy wordplay with which listeners can easily connect. The song is fun and enjoyable and highly recommended for all kinds of listeners.

This talented musical group is well revered around the world for its amazing contributions that have created a bridge between the modern and retro grooves. They have successfully brought back the golden era of swing music with and electronic grooves of EDM; a fusion which is never been experienced before. They have released many albums throughout their musical career which worked like milestones on their musical journey. Some of the albums are, ‘Rejazzed-Brint It On’, ‘Remixed 1’, ‘Remixed 2’, ‘Bring It on’, etc to name some.

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They have been performing all over the world and spreading their creative aura while garnering attention from everyone. Currently, the group is looking forward to their upcoming performance at the Floss festival which will take place in Basel Swiss on 15th September. To listen to more amazing tracks like ‘Cream Soda’, follow Deladap on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and their official website. They are also available on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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