The genre of EDM is one of the most progressive and fast-evolving musical forms in the world right now. Driven by the determination to create something unique within budget the project Mud Audio Voodoo was born. The project has been creating numerous electro-infused songs that have cast a spell over EDM lovers across the world. The project has recently dropped another masterpiece, Strangers’ on major streaming platforms. The track is a blend of electronic and other thematic elements from various genres. The soothing and ethereal melodic flow envelops the blissful vocal performance with a warm embrace to create a symphony of total sonic perfection.

The multi-talented Italy based musician and producer decided to form a musical project, in 2015 during the economic crisis. He was looking for ways to create music without spending much. He found different free software and royalty-free samples online that he used to make his music. He experimented with them and started mixing and changing the loops to mold them according to his needs and requirements. One of his finest singles, ‘Away from This’ reached acquired 12th position in the European indie chart. He has achieved great success within a short period with hard work dedication.

Working with the renowned production house Taba goog Music, the rising musical project Mud Audio Voodoo is transforming royalty-free music found on the internet with his brilliant music production skills. The most recent composition under the project, ‘Strangers’ offers a euphoric acoustic feel to the listeners across the globe. It opens with an out-worldly and hypnotic electronic and pop resonance that merges with the enchanting vocal performance maintaining a steady flow. All the songs under the project are available on the top streaming sites like SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Make sure to follow him it Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated about the upcoming releases.

Mud Audio Voodoo’s ‘Strangers’ is now on SoundCloud:

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