An EDM, pop, and dance music artist who is rightfully bringing the musical magic of the 80s back to the scene by combining his contemporary musical edge is Zarbo. The Canada based artist and producer Zarbo lets his music stand out on behalf of his identity and has garnered a havoc reputation in the industry for his gorgeous soundscapes. Blending hip-hop with EDM is a rare element in the world of music and the dynamic artist seems to do it quite effortlessly to define his proficiency. The bridge that his compositions create between the old-school rock style, modern-day pop, and EDM sounds, is only contributing to his increased popularity in the scene.

He was the founding member, front-man, and bassist of the Canadian power pop-rock trio Zarbo that performed in the 1980s. And, now since 2020, the dynamic artist has been reviving his Zarbo band in full force. All his updated tunes have amassed him a strong follower base and have been charting at the various Euro Indie and World Indie Music Charts. At the latest, the performer has dropped a few new anthems that finely outline his versatility in the creative space. Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix), Save Your Money (Malachi Mott Remix) and Correction In Direction (Electro Remix) showcase a hit blend of catchy EDM rhythms with the punch of hip-hop that immediately compels the listener to participate in his exciting audio journey. At no point in time, the artist uses any repetitive sound to design his melody line, rather ensuring to drag the listener to a dreamlike state of euphoria with his spontaneous harmonies.

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Zarbo intends to pump up the audience’s mood with his eclectic compositions that instantly put them in a happy place. His soundscapes expose the listeners to new dimensions of hip-hop, EDM, and dance sounds which make them ideal for a wide audience base. On all his tracks, the artist has showcased stunning music choreography that makes its way into the hearts and dance shoes of many. His artistry is boundless and his songs are a genuine reward after a long tiring day. Listen to his joyful soundtracks on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more details on his future projects.

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