Are you ready to get into the buzz as Prince Tr3 the true rapper has come up with his newest released track ‘Miss Me’? Tune into his latest tracks on SoundCloud.

Hip-hop has always been a preferred genre for all the music lovers out there. Well, recently many artists have come out with their innovative musicality based on this genre. But young talent Prince Tr3 seems to be different amongst them. This singer from the south has made it elegant yet infused with retro vibes. The sporting tone in his latest music ‘Miss Me’ has described how swiftly he can blend rhythm with lyricism. The range of rapping styles is undeniably amazing. Ubiquitous beats have, therefore, been a center of attraction for the listeners. According to the fans and followers – this artist is soon going to bring in a drastic change in the music industry. Already his SoundCloud profile has been noticed to be overflowed with the followers’ count.

Prince Tr3
Prince Tr3

The vocal delivery and laid-back musicality – both are playing on the same page. The sassy little soundbites and spot sound present a contemporary picture. Alabama based hiphop artist Prince Tr3 – the true lyricist has always dreamt of coming up with something new yet innovative. Well, he has successfully entertained his fans worldwide. The guitar strumming, drum bass along keyboard synchronization has made this latest track amusing to the ears of every listener. Further, the drum beats and vocalization arrive in pristine capture. The artist has kept the soundscape very simple yet alluring. Once you tune into the track ‘Miss Me’, you will start playing it in a loop. It seems that a true hip-hop music enthusiast could never get over this song as it has much to offer.

Those, who have loved hearing 80’s hip-hop and rapping style, will surely fall in love with this new singer. He is neither old school nor too modern but he is sure about creating a magical aura. A little haunting and a little nostalgic, well, this rising star is all about making it big for the fans like you. His other tracks on SoundCloud like – ‘Prichard Lane’, ‘Mr. Richard’, and ‘Breakin News’ are also representing energizing lyricism. Be it Amazon or UnitedMasters – everywhere you can find this talented hip-hopper to receive a lot of appreciation from music lovers. His Twitter profile is also overflowing with fans’ tweets and likes.

Just go for this track ‘Miss Me’ by Prince Tr3 :


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