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Press releases, whether featured in major outlets or not, offer major benefits to every business owner. Many reputed PR agencies are now providing both free and paid pr distribution options to worldwide audiences. Big organizations often opt for paid services to ascertain the promotional benefits for their products and services. Therefore, being a start-up entrepreneur, you must get confused thinking of how a free pr site can benefit your business.

So, let’s check what has made a free pr site worthy?
Service providers often publish free press releases on their sites. Therefore, a few advantages of getting connected with a free press release distribution site are –
1. Their ability to build on keywords
2. Creating meta tags
3. Building links

All of the mentioned things will contribute to draw more traffic to your site and in turn, your web rank will get boosted. Though both paid and free PR help you get more engagement for your site, a free pr distribution demands no money in return.

However, before you ask any service provider to publish your pr, these are the few things that you must check:

Easy navigation:

Does the site offer a navigation-friendly page? Any reputed agency that deals with pr distribution provide the clients with a user-friendly interface. It further allows the user to open the site and submit their press release easily just after filling up the log-in details.
For example, the site may ask you to submit one pr or multiple releases where the first one is for free of cost and if you opt for multiple releases, it will charge a minimum amount.

Submission categories:

Know whether there is a possibility to select the category and if it allows you to add related keywords to your press release. Can you get the chance here to preview the published content and edit (if required)? Is it really free of cost or are there any hidden charges for the services offered by the company?

Cost-free link building:

Some websites offer you the opportunity to add clickable links to your press releases. Availing of this unique service will help you to expand your exposure in the web market.

Image upload option:

Adding images to your pr is what you have always wanted. But does a free pr site offer you this chance? If yes, then don’t waste your time and grab the opportunity immediately.
For example, Many popular pr houses allow you to ad 5 images amongst which one gets featured as a display photo for your press release.

Free distribution:

Does the pr agency offer a sitemap feature so that your business news gets available on popular news sites like – Google, Bing, or Yahoo? Will they provide you any PDF version of the released PR? If you find the answers to be YES, then you must get enlisted to that site.
Apart from this, the free press release site also allows you to use your PR link for your website for which you can produce a backlink as well. It will further increase your conversion rates and help you to cater to more audience count.

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