The very first thing that comes to the mind while delivering news about the latest events that have taken place within a particular business house one might contemplate about suitable press release services. A press release follows a definite pattern in the way it is written to get a higher rank in search engines and enhance visibility online. A blog can also be written for the promotion of a website. Web traffic can also be enhanced by writing a blog as it is an integral part of the SEO activity as far as the off-page is concerned. The website can also be promoted through the article. The content becomes useful as it is very informative and makes the reading quite intriguing.

Release Services and Blog and Article

A standard platform is followed by press release

A formal approach is followed by press releases. Journalistic needs are addressed as they are vying to write a praiseworthy story. Prospective customers along with the current lot are spoken through press release services. The main objective behind writing some of the most informative press releases is to provide interesting information and educate them. Every new product and services want to attract a lot of buzz around them and these are created by the press releases. It could also be created around an upcoming event or general news.

A specific format is also followed by a press release and it generally includes a summary concerning the organization and the title along with the body and the quote with a subhead and boilerplate. You can post a press release on your website and it could also be sent to event calendars and also to online sites which are into local news. In very few cases, a distribution site can be free or in some other cases, it could cost you a lot of fortune. It is one of the major differences that exist between a press release and blog as the later is free. Press release writing is a powerful optimization tool in search engines whereby the visibility can be increased. Fresh news can be created brilliantly through a press release and henceforth the marketing success can be enhanced. One can submit press release to Google News and can make it interesting with a written announcement that can be forwarded to the internet media.

Scheduled events can be announced along with awards, promotions, sales accomplishments, and new services and products that are launched. A press release follows a third person tonality and active voice is used. The grammatical mistakes should be checked through rigorous proofreading as the credibility of the press release is amplified with proper usage of grammar. It must avoid all caps to give it a refined and professional look. More particularly it makes the press release competitive and gives an edge over others. There must be transparency and clarity while writing a press release to intensify the readability quotient. Optimization of the press release can be done through hyperlinks concerning the particular keywords. The writing should avoid all kinds of embellishments and factual information must be given primary importance.

A conversational tone is followed while writing blogs

A blog can be as candid as if you are having a conversation with a person. Feedbacks are welcomed through blogging as readers are allowed to post their questions and comments. It helps a great deal in creating a conversation. Readers can strike a chord with the organization as a strong relationship is created with sales shooting up immensely. Customer service can be demonstrated excellently through blogging. Say for example, a comment or a question can be left by someone on your blog. You can respond to those comments in a convenient way which can be educational as it will demonstrate the commitment towards the customer rendering the services which will manifest your proactive nature.The blogs gives the organization a human face as a wonderful side of it is displayed as virtual bond of friendship is built up. Blogs are neither short nor they are too long. But there are some cases where it is super short where videos and drawings are also included. It will provide you with umpteenth number of content options. Fun and humour also forms an integral part of blogging. Reverse chronological order are followed in writing a blog which is essentially an informational site that consists of various posts related to that topic. Multiple authors can write a blog or it could also be written by an individual.

There is a close interaction between the writers and the readers by leaving a comment concerning the post. The purpose of the blog can vary which can be broadly categorized into online diaries which are personal or it could also be brand advertising for an organization or a company. Links or pictures may be included to other media or websites by the authors. There must be consistency along with a definitive style. Blogs should be written frequently to make it relevant and stay fresh.

An article is generally opinionated as per the regulations and guidelines

An article can be a piece of writing that is projected through online and print. It can feature research results, news, debates and academic analysis and can appeal to the masses and address their general interests through mediums like dailies. It also caters to niche markets like magazines dishing out sports news whereby the readers can be educated.

The main purpose of the article can be achieved by following a proper format where there is a headline, by-line, lead, body and conclusion. The headline primarily has goy a catchy keyword which is generally newsworthy and trendy through which the subject matter is highlighted. The headline should be written in a crafty way as the readers will be drawn towards the article. The style of writing the headline is generally abbreviated to make it appealing. In the by-line, the writers name along with the designation should be given. The article has to be summed up in the lead as he one is set to engage the readers. In the article, the 5 w’s and 1 h is there for making the communication more effective. As far as the body of the article is concerned, the content has got a lot of details.

A chronological pattern is mentioned with roper classification maintain the cause and effect. A contrast can be created to draw attention and comparisons are also done. Questions and answers should also be there along with a list. Quotes mentioned by someone from the company gives an organic feel to the article. To garner immense attention one must conclude an article by using a quote and it must have a play inscribed on the title along with a descriptive scene and a summary statement.

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