Online press release is perhaps the quickest and more effective tool that can help in the growth of organizations, individuals, or projects by widening their online reach and establishing a strong connection with journalists and media outlets.

Widely accepted as an effective tool of marketing, a press release can bring in a huge chance of earning recognition to any company or individual. When a business or brand is trying to widen its reach beyond the current consumer base through an online press release, it opens up the chance of earning recognition across the target audience.

Now, there are some basic facts about press releases that an individual or organization must know before trying out this method of promotion.

Online Press Release

What is an online press release?

It is known to all that press release is a published content that is similar to an exhibition, letting the people know about newsworthy content about the products/services of a company or brand. An online press release is no different, but due to its greater reach across the farthest corners of the digital world, the impact is 4 to 5 times more compared to an offline press release. With the introduction of digital PR, creators have got the chance of including multimedia content, hyperlinks to the business websites, and digital files, all of which lead to an increased sale.

Why press release distribution?

The main objective behind the distribution of online press releases is raising awareness about a company and its products/services across a larger community. Through this method of promotion, an organization can easily earn benefits out of the huge online population as well as maintain its online presence. Drafting interesting and newsworthy content regarding a product/service helps in increasing the brand image of an organization.
Online press release is one of the most significant tools of marketing, especially when it comes to maintaining public relations. By distributing PRs online, an organization can catch the attention of the audience, which will further increase media visibility, online reach, and boost promotional campaigns. A well-drafted press release not only casts an impact on media relations but also possesses various advantages for the company. It helps in creating a good image of the company in the minds of the consumer.

When it becomes essential for a company to reach its target audience at just the right time, online press release turns out to be the most effective weapon. As mentioned above, online press releases are no different than traditional press releases, yet it brings in search engine optimization to the table, which is pretty much the need for every organization at this moment. The difference can be derived from the fact that we are in a world where digital platforms are the main target of any business as a great portion of the world population spends time on the internet and this is where online press release makes its presence felt. This is why the online press release is more significant compared to the traditional press release.

Distribution of online press releases is a great way of boosting the reputation of a company as these remain visible on the web or search engines permanently. It also casts a great positive impact on brand value.
Drafting an online press release

The method of writing an online press release is not too different from that of a traditional press release. The rules are pretty much the same, however, there is one important difference — online press releases are written for SEO, and thus these need to be drafted in such a way that the chance of appearing on the first page of search engine results increases.

No matter what the topic is, the headline of the online PR has to be interesting and eye-catchy. The writer needs to include significant statements in the content so that it stands ahead of the curve. The use of numerical data is highly suggested in this regard, as it helps in catching the attention of the readers and maximizes its impact. All the important information must be provided through the first paragraph of the content. When it comes to content hierarchy, the reverse pyramid is a preferred option for drafting press releases. The content must be error-free as it will decrease the quality of the content and do no good for drawing the attention of the journalists and editors. The 5 Ws must be addressed within the first fragment and for a greater impact multimedia content is always a great advantage as it increases the chances of getting picked up by a journalist by 45%.

Distribution of online press release

In order to maximize the impact of the press release, it is very much important to submit it to reputed and trusted online press release distribution agencies, such as Business Wire, IssueWire, PR Web, Click Press, or There are many other agencies available online that provide such distribution services. Some of these agencies offer free basic PR distribution and after payment, the distribution services get upgraded for greater promotion and reach. Some agencies provide PR writing services as well, which can help an organization in drafting a more accurate and professional press release. Through these services, one can be assured of the PR getting distributed to journalists, editors, media outlets, also appearing on Yahoo News and Google News.

Advantages of the online press release

Distribution of online press release possesses various advantages, some of which has been mentioned below:
The user-friendly and dynamic structure of online press releases helps in the consistent improvement of the online brand image of organizations as well as maintaining an outward show. Also, the increased online presence improves the reputation of the brand.

Through the distribution of online press releases, an organization can easily increase its visibility on search engines with the help of SEO-friendly content.

Online press releases also enable the organizations in being constantly visible on the significant and relevant online channels that reach the target audience. These help organizations maintain a constant connection with media outlets and journalists.

These help in customizing promotional campaigns depending upon the different needs of different companies. Distribution agencies help by supporting organizations through proper analytics and impactful application.
Distribution of online press releases is a very cost-effective process. This brings in high online traffic without squandering a heavy amount.

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