The stSteve Moffittrong sound of drums and cymbals, and a very deep strumming of guitar are the characteristics of Steve Moffitt’s rock music. Blending rock with, drums and cymbals, he always tries to deliver something new to his listeners with his performances. After discovering his passion for rock music at a very early age in his life, the Victoria rock music artist has been being resolute in his musical journey. Rock music today is changed from the authentic classical rock music of the 1960s and ’70s. At that time, rock music, which became a medium to express revolt, transgression, and disgust against any social injustice, has today formed a new look. However, this rising musician maintains both the modernity and the authenticity of classic rock music.

The instrument that is predominant in his music is the guitar, strumming of the guitar in his songs is so hard, that sometimes it seems that strings will break off. Steve Moffitt‘s rock music specifically falls in the category of rock metal in which sound is distorted, caused by the amplifiers to create a different type of sound wave. His songs give his audience a chance to get into the lyrics, accompanied by heavy use of electronic and instrumental sound. He puts all his energy to make his song a perfect piece of the genre.

This up-and-coming rockstar is determined in his path to achieve excellence. His songs, ‘VICIOUS CIRCLE’, ‘THE WIND’, ‘YOUR NAME’ ‘VICIOUS CIRCLE’, and ‘THE WIND’, ‘YOUR NAME, are rebellious, youthful, and unique. His individuality is highlighted through each of his songs, which keeps the audience engaged throughout the playtime. All the songs of the artist are available on SoundCloud. His music videos are available on his YouTube channel. Do like, share his songs and subscribe to his channel. Follow him on his official Facebook page to not miss any updates about his musical lifestyle.

Please visit here to listen to the songs of Steve Moffitt:

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