Rosdet Nascimento’s Book launch ‘IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO START AGAIN’

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Rosdet Nascimento helps you to see life as you’ve never seen it, do things you’ve never done


(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- New York City, New York Nov 29, 2021 ( – Portuguese writer Rosdet Nascimento launches on December 1st, through the publisher Barnes & Noble Press, a book that will help you to understand what has kept you from being happy. An authentic life guide that will help you to see life as you’ve never seen it. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times what the path to success would be. Have you ever wondered what is the best recipe for being happy? Have you ever wondered why you do everything right, but it ends up going wrong?

This book will help you understand what you do wrong, and what you must do in order to succeed. And it’s not about the money, is about the journey. You’ll see life from a new perspective. It will help you to make better decisions, and above all to understand the consequences that your actions have on others, and especially on your own life. Texts, quotes, and real stories will guide you on this path that we all have to walk, life.

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The writer Rosdet Nascimento, who is finalizing a new novel, also released in 2021, The Power of Destiny, the biography of Shahla Deyhim.

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