Spreading his creative aura around the world, talented author William M Hayes is reaching new heights with his latest book Save Him: A Military Time Travel Thriller’. This masterpiece sci-fi thriller book is one of the greatest creations by Hayes that brought him a lot of recognition. It was published on 2019 September 19 and took the readers to a whole new dimension.

William M Hayes

With the threads of success spreading everywhere, this book took many awards home. In 2020, Hayes got Author Circle Awards – Novel of Excellence in the Sci-Fi category. Quickly followed by 2021, the book won Pinnacle Achievement Awards and Firebird Book Awards in the Time Travel category, American Fiction Awards for religious thriller, Pacific Book Awards for thriller, and lastly the International Impact Book Awards for the military category.

The diverse and dynamic essence of the storyline makes it one of the greatest thriller stories in every category. Mad genius Military scientist Rydel Scott is the protagonist here who unravels the truth of time travel with a failure of his invention. Consumed by the mind-bending scientific reality of time, the scientist considers the event as an act of God of telling him to save Jesus. Unable to figure out the smudged line between science and religion, Rydel decides to go back in time and save Jesus.

The story gets even more complex with the consequences of the butterfly effect and Military special OP, The Unit chasing Rydel to stop as his act can alter the reality where he belongs. Beautifully woven with multiple aspects of science, religion, and society; ‘Save Him: A Military Time Travel Thriller’ questions the faith of humanity along with the unwavering development of the story and the characters.

The book is currently available on Amazon and Book Funnel for purchase. Stay tuned on https://www.williammhayes.com/ to know more about William M Hayes’ upcoming works.

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