Radhika Piyari devi dasi

Aspiring cook and author, Radhika Piyari devi dasi is bringing ancient traditions of India and Bhakti Yoga Food to the world with her first-ever book, Kṛṣṇatarian. Published on February 13th, the book has received positive responses from the audience. The book is a guide to living the ‘Kṛṣṇatarian way of life’ through healthy and nutritious eating habits.

The book has 340 vegan and vegetarian recipes from different cuisines with nearly 400 color images. The aim of the book is to spiritualize vegan and vegetarian cuisines according to yoga principles. There are both traditional and modern recipes, which can be enjoyed by all generations. Being a food enthusiast herself, the author experimented with various recipes and techniques coming up with exceptional results.

Both practicing vegan or vegetarians and people wanting to explore the practice can get a lot of help from the book. Individuals wanting to learn the art of conscious food preparation can also find countless detailed recipes that are easy to follow. The recipes help the readers form a spiritual relation with the food they consume and reach the Supreme source behind it.

Now living in Canada, Radhika Piyari devi dasi is a devotee of Kṛṣṇa and a Bhakti Yoga practitioner with a passion for achieving the highest form of spirituality through healthy and nourishing foods. The recipes in the book are full of rich and unique flavors and a devotional approach. Teaming up with her Canadian husband she had been making cooking YouTube videos, which have become quite popular among people across the world.

After receiving great responses from her YouTube videos, she decided to write a full-length book, ‘Kṛṣṇatarian’ with 300+ recipes of fresh and flavorful foods from various cuisines. The book is available on her website and Amazon. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates.

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