Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?
Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?

The military veteran and published author Les Pruitt has released another book named, ‘Reflection: Into The Abyss- Democracy or Autocracy?’ on March 24th this year. He has used a lot of Biblical terms to describe the current scenario of the worldwide political landscape. The book talks about the key world leaders who follow the instruction of the ‘Lawless One’ that is in the middle of global political and religious issues.

He describes the people in key positions all over the globe as Strawmen who work for the one power that is running the world under the guise of democracy. He also criticizes the peace plan for Israel and Palestine which he describes as the final goal of the autocratic power behind world politics.

The pseudo-patriotism established by Donald’s cultural movement to maintain power at any cost is nothing but the veil of democracy getting ripped off and revealing the truth, which is an autocratic government to the entire world. The book reveals that even though he is no longer in power, the Club of the autocrat leaders is still existing and operating.

The Club has a sinister plan for the world that is going to hit the world, in the author’s terms, ‘like a double-barrel shotgun’. According to Les Pruitt, the Club is behind the global pandemic which played as a distraction taking people’s attention off the major trade war between the CCP, Chinese Communist Party, and the Republican Party and ending global democracy for good.

The author’s first book, ‘Tick Tock To Midnight’ was published on November 13th, 2018, and talked about the impending danger that loomed over democratic geopolitical influence around the world. His latest book, ‘Reflection: Into The Abyss- Democracy or Autocracy?’ reveals a lot of unique and interesting points that threaten the democracy of the world. Find the book on Amazon and iUniverse.

Rafael Schneider

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