(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- San Francisco, California May 2, 2022 ( – Two exclusive THINKWARE dash cams will equip BMW Group vehicles worldwide beginning this year.

World-leading dash cam brand THINKWARE signed dash cam supply contract with BMW Group, which will result in THINKWARE supplying and equipping two new dash cam models exclusively for BMW Group vehicles over the world.

THINKWARE’s exclusive dash cam models, the ACE 3.0 and ACE 3.0 PRO, will be installed in BMW Group vehicles. The rollout will begin in 2022 in 7 countries, including China, United States, United Kingdom, Japan and later expand to other countries in the years.

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The supply contract comes at a time of rising demand for dash cam technology worldwide, with governments easing regulations and recommending dash cams to prevent crime and help with accidents.

“This contract with BMW Group is a reflection of the increasing value that dash cams offer from both a consumer and governmental policy viewpoint,” said a representative of THINKWARE. “With this supply contract, THINKWARE and BMW Group are not only enhancing the driving experience for many BMW owners, but also raising the standard for road safety globally.”

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