‘LUNA 5’, the exemplary song has been released by the Nevada Music Producer KingZiLLa. The artist has achieved a lot of appreciation for this soundtrack.


Kevyn Kelley vastly known as KingZiLLa is showcasing his creative talent by delivering exceptional soundtracks. The artist has captivated all the listeners with his brilliant presentation. The prowess in lyricism and music of his soundscape has attracted all the listeners. He has enriched all of his work with the heartfelt write-ups which people relate to the most. The thematic flow grows slowly and hits hard as the song progresses. He is an independent artist; he single-handedly composes, records, and produces all the crafts. This profound trait of his has inspired all the young aspirant musicians.

This Nevada Music Producer is gaining a lot of attention with his latest project, named LUNA 5. This song has garnered a lot of listeners in this short span of time. The gripping lyrics and hooky music has added a different element to his work. Along with that, his raging voice has made the song even more attractive and appealing. The groovy vibes of it have accumulated many listeners. This artist has achieved so much appreciation for his unique way of presenting all of his crafts and created a whole new image in the industry.

KingZiLLa has reached out to many listeners and growing in his career at a steady pace. This artist has given many soundtracks in his exemplary musical career. some of his creations apart from ‘LUNA 5’ are, ‘POINT BREAK’, ‘OMEN.wav’, ‘FUNNY!.wav’, and ‘CLOAK & DAGGER THE MASTER’. Every song of him is diverse and made from a different perspective. Thus it gives a completely different vibe with each of them and generates refreshing qualities. All of his musical crafts are available on SoundCloud. Visit his profile and listen to all the amazing songs created by him. Other than that, follow him on Facebook and Instagram to get all the updates regarding his upcoming projects.

To check out the song of KingZiLLa, visit the given link: https://soundcloud.com/user-69196574/luna-5

Jacklyn Ryan

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