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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Alpharetta, Georgia Sep 1, 2022 ( – The Arcade Collection, a fast-growing e-commerce startup, is all set to democratize designer fashion globally. Only a year into the business, the startup stands out as a growing name among fashion insiders and shoppers with a discerning taste in vogue.

Little does one realize that fashion is a fragmented industry, comments Bhavya Arora, the proud CEO of The Arcade Collection. Industry top guns continue to employ thoughtless and archaic methods to double up online sales in a fierce market. What contributes to the early success of The Arcade Collection is a fresh new thought. The startup kicked off with the idea of introducing an engaging shopping experience. Bhavya’s business ethos has been straight-forward ever since The Arcade Collection came into being.

A lesser-known fact: 

The Arcade Collection lay it’s first stone in late 2021, a time when the odds of the pandemic continued to roll. It is no secret that ventures worldwide were forced to shut amidst the crisis. Surprisingly, The Arcade Collection witnessed a massive hike in its client count due to the increasing influx of people turning to the convenience of online shopping.

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More about The Arcade Collection 

The Arcade Collection is quite distinct from the ordinary e-commerce platforms. The website endeavors to democratize designer dresses and make a difference for the artisans involved. The intricate works of premium USA’s designers and labels are hard to fetch, especially in The States. Unfortunately, getting hands on exclusive designer ensembles is even harder. Hence, The Arcade Collection houses exclusive, rare, and trendsetting outfits, curated by the finest names in the industry.

Bhavya, in her recent interview with Darriel Roy, a well-known Canadian television host, blew the gaff about the trends in North America. Fashion here, circles around outfits that are modern, latest-in-vogue, and edgy, states the young and promising CEO. What’s majorly missing, though, are the specks of elegance that modern independent women seek, she continues. The quest to get off the crossroads and curate outfits that are modern yet chic inspired Bhavya to kick-start The Arcade Collection.

Bhavya’s vision for the brand and her future plans 

The Arcade Collection displays a breathtaking line-up of exclusive and sustainable fashion pieces, tailored by top-notch Indian designers. Eminent names like Wabi Sabi, Happi Space, Dheeru Taneja, September Hues, Label Iris, and more showcase and trade their creations here. While expanding a sustainable and elegant line of clothing options stands out as significant, The Arcade Collection prioritizes bridging the gap between ace designers and users. As mentioned before, customization and exclusivity of designer ensembles are far-fetched in the industry today. The Arcade Collection empowers users to communicate with designers and custom-make an outfit of their liking. Quite true to the brand’s ethos of making designer dressing accessible.

In addition to endorsing and commercializing sustainable and chic outfits, The Arcade Collection houses an extraordinary lineup of designer ensembles for kids.

Bhavya, a flourishing entrepreneur, a striking social media influencer, and a doting mother, aspires to gradually build an ecosystem serving class-apart fashion to a growing mass.

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Thearcadecollection brings to consumers premium and exclusive apparel options by top-notch Indie designers. If you love decking up in exclusive designer outfits, this is your fine chance at getting hands-on classy couture options without frantically hopping stores.
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