Energetic beats and quirky rap verses are the prime elements of ‘Online (feat. PsychoYP)’, the latest release by the Columbus Hip Hop Artist AKtheKING.


Finding fresh-sounding Hip-hop tracks may sound difficult, but music lovers all over the world are in search of them. Keeping that in mind, many artists are joining the music industry and the global world of hip-hop is getting filled with amazing talent and production. One of the latest additions is AKtheKING who has just released his latest track, ‘Online (feat. PsychoYP)’. Upon its release, the track is now creating a buzz in the industry as with its fresh sound and upbeat composition, it is a true treat to hip-hop lovers. The caliber of this hip-hop artist is perfectly showcased on the track and it seems that the artist is slowly mastering the musical genre.

The Columbus Hip Hop Artist is an independent artist who is also the founder of his label ATK Records LLC. The artist specializes in the musical genre of Afrobeats but it is impossible to bind the artist to a single genre. The newly released track has afro-infused trap beats that prove the artist’s versatility. This is what not only makes the track but the artist different and unique from other rising stars of the music industry. The track, ‘Online (feat. PsychoYP)’ is uniquely composed, creating a fun and energetic ambiance for the audience. The beats are cheerful, complementing the theme of silliness in the track well. The song, ‘Online (feat. PsychoYP)’ is based on how people are living in virtual reality and the singer is a part of it too.

The up-and-coming artist not only uniquely composed the track but also wrote the rap verses in an eccentric way that attracts the audience. The lyrics are quirky, modern, and expressive which are well suited to the confident vocal tone of AKtheKING. The feature, PsychoYP also delivered a praiseworthy performance which adds an extra flavor to the track. You can listen to it on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube along with his previous tracks, ‘Munch Remix’, ‘Bipolar’, ‘In My Zone Freestyle, Pt. 3, etc. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.

Listen to This Song on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/itsaktheking/online-feat-psychoyp

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