Gaining fame in the world of music is very hard to get. And to ensure that your tracks have enough attention you must promote Soundcloud tracks adequately.

Irrespective of your music genre you must be facing a really hard time gathering the attention of many to your tracks. But the burden can be shared with various music promotional companies and they will work on your promotional aspects so that you can get the maximum exposure for your music. Music Promotion Club has been one of the best places that will deliver fast organic attraction at a nominal expense. If you are willing to gain a lot of attraction within a week then you should opt for any of their packages. They have enlisted 4 packages for you to choose; from based on the prices you are willing to spend for your promotional endeavors.

Promote Soundcloud
Promote Soundcloud

The first pack they will offer on their website is Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack. And there are two variations of this package first is the “Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack” and the second is “SoundCloud Marketing Weekly Pack”. Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack will deliver daily 2 hours of social media sharing to promote Soundcloud tracks, which will continue for 4 to 5 days until your track reach over 15K plays. You will also get over 24k social media followers which is a great number to start with. Along with it, you will get a chance to 1 press release published and distribute it on various Google news sites. You will also get a music blog and a custom-made banner for your promotional works.

With this weekly recurring plan called “Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack,” you will get some elevated outcomes. In this package, you will get over 20K plays on your selected SoundCloud tracks. You will also have 35K SoundCloud followers who will work on your upcoming tracks as well. 1 press release and 1 music blog will be published to promote your tracks, and this will ensure that you reach major music magazines within a very short time. And this blog and PR will be incorporated with an effective keyword to ensure your online visibility. For “Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack you have to pay $59 per week and for “Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack” you have to pay the same amount once.

The next on the list is their best Promotional packages. In this aspect as well there are two options. The first package is the “Soundcloud Promotion Package” along with a weekly recurring package called the “Soundcloud Promotion Weekly Package”. You will have 4 hours of social media sharing with Soundcloud Promotion Package. With time social media has become a huge place platform where people can promote anything to everything, and each genre has there fan base. Music Promotion Club will target these pages and groups where people are willing to indulge in your craft more. And within 4 to 5 days you will get over 40K streams. This package will deliver 1 press release, 1 music blog, or a music review, distributed to some popular sites on YouTube.

Last yet probably the best package that they have offered on their website is the “Soundcloud Promotion Weekly Package”. This is a weekly recurring package that will ensure that your music is famous in your domain. Along with the aforementioned options they will arrange email marketing and also create a video. In this package you will get an option of event promotion as well, you can check the website that will carry your PR or your music blog. For Soundcloud Promotion Package you have to pay one time $110 but for this package will have to pay the same each week. But you must consider those good things takes time and lasts longer.

About the Company

Music Promotion Club is one of the prominent names in the music advertising domain. They have been working with various musicians, music producers, lyricists, and many personnel related to this massive industry. Visit and see for yourself.

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