Looking forward to promote your Soundcloud music effectively? Music Promotion Club can help with its fairly reasonable promotional packages, obtained by everyone. 

SoundCloud music promotion is perhaps one of the most important aspects that help every music artist to grow and those who are looking for such promotion should hire Music Promotion Club for the services. The agency is well revered around the world for its highly affordable and effective packages that can empower all kinds of music artists whether a DJ, a rapper, a singer, or even a record label owner. With its intricate knowledge in the field along with years of experience, the agency is capable of paving the way to create a successful music career. The platform is a favorite of many music artists due to its diversified promotional packages, carefully designed for all kinds of promotional purposes.

Promote Your Soundcloud
Promote Your Soundcloud

The Music Promotion Club offers a total of 4 packages to promote your Soundcloud music at a pocket-friendly pricing system. Starting the ‘Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack’; it only costs $59 and offers a handful of beneficial features. The package includes daily 2 hours of social sharing along with the content market for straight 4 to 5 days. In content marketing, the music artist is able to gain the benefits of paid press release creation and distribution along with music blog creation. One organic keyword with high search value is incorporated into the content to offer more visibility and buzz among potential listeners. The pack also offers a minimum of 15,000+ plays worldwide along with a major buzz in Social Media to 240000+ followers. The agency will repost music to up to 350000+ SoundCloud followers. The dedicated Campaign Manager of the company keeps the clients updated 24*7 through email support. There is also an option for a custom banner which is provided for free by the agency.

Similarly, there is the ‘Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack’ which costs the same and offers similar benefits. However, it is a weekly recurring package and it works like a subscription where the promotional campaigns keep running until the artist opts out of the subscription. This package is capable of generating 20,000+ plays worldwide along with a fair amount of web traffic and online engagement. These weekly packages help to promote new tracks every week. ‘Soundcloud Promotion Weekly Package’ is another weekly recurring package that costs only $110 per week however, the benefits are paramount. This package offers daily 4 hours of social sharing along with 50,000+ plays worldwide with ample organic engagement for different tracks. In the case of content marketing, music artists are able to get an option for music reviews along with paid PR and music blogs. This package also includes email marketing and video creation that helps to garner maximum attention. The agency also offers an option for the latest event promotion.

Music Promotion Club offers another package known as the ‘Soundcloud Promotion Package’ which also costs $110 however, it is not a subscription-based package. While it provides all the benefits of a premium package; the promotional campaign runs for only a week. It can provide at least 40,000+ plays worldwide that help to create a huge and loyal fanbase. Other than that, the agency also provides an option to create custom packages where the clients can gain up to 100k+ listeners, an electronic press kit, a new Content Marketing strategy, sponsored promotion on social media platforms and the list goes on. Visit the platform and find out more about its promotional packages.

About The Company

Music Promotion Club is one of the most reliable names in the field of SoundCloud music promotion. The agency offers diversified promotional packages at an affordable price which are highly effective as well. It also provides customizable options.

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