(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Mar 28, 2023 ( – Without proper verification, companies can’t perform due diligence to comply with anti-terrorism legislation.AsiaVerify eliminates that problem with highly accurate checks in real-time for know your business (KYB), know your customer (KYC), and ultimate business owner (UBO) processes. AsiaVerify has earned a reputation as the most trusted and comprehensive resource throughout the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

AsiaVerify’s database is the largest source of primary intelligence available for companies of any size to automate know your business processes. Translated records are instantly delivered for over 344M+ company records, 100M+ court records, and 6M penalty records. The company’s resources enable businesses to intercept fraud, maintain compliance, and safeguard any enterprise through ethical and legitimate companies.

Fabrication of resumes and qualifications is becoming an increasing problem. AsiaVerify’s database enables companies to comply with know your customer standards. While primarily utilized by financial and investment companies to ascertain risk, it’s equally applicable for onboarding. VerifyAsia’s all-in-one platform minimizes risk, while maximizing intelligence, allowing companies to make informed decisions.

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A company check with AsiaVerify’s international database provides automated anti-money laundering information. Businesses, directors, and ultimate beneficial owners are revealed. The company’s platform is able to untangle, map, and identify complex ownership structures across borders. Tax evasion, embezzlement, fraud, and financing of terrorist activities are instantly exposed. Customers have access to 344 million companies, registration data, and key personnel.

AsiaVerify’s resources provide clients with access to more than 1.4 billion primary sources. It includes watch lists, government IDs, and bank card data, along with financials, the scope of a business, contacts, and legal forms that have been filed. Customized installation solutions are available to accommodate business-specific needs.

Any company can minimize risk and maximize safety with AsiaVerify’s comprehensive range of services. Companies have instant, translated documents that automate any compliance requirement. Highly sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence are combined with AsiaVerify’s proprietary methodology for a single resource known for its reliability and accuracy.

About AsiaVerify

AsiaVerify is a RegTech company, incorporated in Singapore, focused on building an automated, simplified, and streamlined solution for risk mitigation and compliance systems in an effort to increase trust and safety when you are doing business in Asia.AsiaVerify provides an online platform with access to the most legally authoritative and compliant sources, to instantly verify businesses, consumers, and employees online.


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