Image credit – BBC NEWS

Less than a month remains before the Eurovision Song Contest takes place and the final pre-party took place in London. At this party, the artists performed on stage for the final time before the competition takes place.

Over the last few weeks, many gigs took place all over Europe in Spain, Poland, Israel, the Netherlands, and the UK. Teya and Salena from Austria said, “We don’t want this to end.” They further added, “I feel like every interview we do we’re just fangirling about how cool Eurovision is. Whenever people ask us who our favorites are we’re at 15 fingers, this year is so strong and we’re so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing artists.”

Their song ‘Who The Hell Is Edgar?’ has gained much attention in the market with its satirical take on the music industry. Similarly, there is another song ‘Tattoo’ by Loreen which has become this year’s favorite. She said, “I love this community.” This Swedish singer further expressed, “I hope people feel how much I love them and how much I care.”

On the stage of Eurovision, a total of 37 countries will be represented as the UK hosts one of the world’s biggest shows for the first time in 25 years. This contest has started back in 1998 but it has changed a lot in the last 11 years. Talking about the earlier versions, Loreen laughed and said, “There were no pre-parties then.” The artist further added, “It’s really exciting now to travel around and meet people and they all already know the song and that’s crazy.”

Not necessarily every song will be performing well in the competition as 160 million viewers will have in voting who are enjoying the show from home. However, it does not fail to captivate the crowd to join the music tour.

Not only solo artists but musical groups and bands are also part of the journey. For example, there is Slovenia’s Joker Out who are well aware of what they are doing. They said, “It’s a crazy experience – in Slovenia, we have arena concerts and here we’d have a very hard time filling up a pub.” However, the band is just being modest as they have participated in many concerts before. Musical bands like Italy’s Måneskin have proved that competition can help a band become global.

When it comes to the bands, Australia’s Voyager does not fall behind with both their musical style and sense of humor. The band said, “We really need to get to Liverpool quickly because he’s billing us by the hour.”

It is evident that pre-parties have become one of the main attractions before even the competition starts and over the last four years, it has changed dramatically. Eurovision is no anymore a weekend musical gig but a tour that goes around the year. The next party is set to take place in Liverpool.